Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Making Fabric Flowers for Fascinator for St Patrick's Race Day

Just got a little sidetracked from my previous post about making silk roses for a bride.  I made these on the weekend for a headpiece for a georgous girl going to the St Patrick's Race Day. 

These are dog roses and are dead easy to make.  I really like these flowers as they sit quite flat - sometime you need a flatter flower.

Just to make sure you understand - both these will not be on the same hat.  The green silk flowers are for the fascinator and the other one is made from cotton.  I always think it is so amazing that changing the fabric can change the whole look.

I have sold  these dog roses with a little attachment at the back so you can thread it through a headband, use as a brooch or use on a thin belt or ribbon around the waist.


  1. where can one find instruction and proper tools for making silk flowers? I have searched everywhere and the only book I could find was written 20 years ago by someone named Biddle and has some good info but not enough.

  2. Hello - I am not sure where you are in the world but Torb and Reiner (Melbourne, Australia) sells tools, instructions and dvds.